What is Vantage 360?

Vantage 360 is Colliers International’s latest Office Leasing campaign, where you can experience the latest virtual reality technology and immerse yourself in what could be your new workplace.

We are featuring 14 landmark buildings for lease across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Step inside each of their unique spaces and experience 360 video via your mobile, tablet or laptop/desktop computer.

How do I view Vantage 360 on my mobile?

You can experience Vantage 360 using either an Apple or Android smartphone.

You must also have the YouTube App vantage-youtube-app installed on your phone to experience 360º videos of the properties. If you don’t have the YouTube App, it’s a free download from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.

Once you have the YouTube App installed, go to www.vantage360.com.au on your mobile phone’s internet browser and click on the property video you want to view. This will open the video using the YouTube App.

Now using your finger press lightly on the video to move around (left and right, up and down) and experience the property in 360º.

It is recommended  to view 360 video on mobile in a high quality setting.

How do I view Vantage 360 using Google Cardboard (MOBILE ONLY)?

If you have Google Cardboard, follow the instructions for mobile as above to get your phone ready.

Then to use Google Cardboard with your smartphone (Android or iPhone) please follow these steps:

Step 1.             Open www.vantage360.com.au on your web browser

Step 2.             Click on the 360º icon (add icon) next to the property you are interested in and YouTube will launch the property video.

Step 3.             Click on  vantage-google-cardboard  and you will see the screen split. Then follow the diagram on your Google cardboard headset to insert your mobile.

Step 4.             Enjoy an immersive 360º experience through some of Australia’s most prestigious offices. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to explore other properties.

Step 6.             To enquire about a property, return to www.vantage360.com.au and click Enquire Now.

I received a Google Cardboard to view Vantage 360. How do I assemble it?

If you received a Google Cardboard there are instructions on the back of the flyer that came with the headset.

To discover how to use You will also find a helpful slideshow below that visually shows you each step, or alternatively click here to view video

Please note, that if you didn’t receive Google cardboard you can still experience Vantage 360 on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

How do I view Vantage 360 on my desktop or laptop computer?

First make sure you have the most up-to-date internet browser and a good internet connection based on the specifications below, (Please note Internet Explorer and Safari cannot be used to view 360 videos)

  • For the latest internet browsers please click on the following links:






  • Operating system: Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.7+, Ubuntu 10+, or Linux OS 11+ (64-bit)
  • Internet connection with 1+ Mbps – The recommended You-Tube setting to view 360  videos is 1080HD or 1440HD.

Go to www.vantage.com.au and click on the property video you would like to view. This will open a video in YouTube.

Once you have clicked play the video will start and you can experience a 360 view of the property.

Hover over the video with your mouse and a (hand icon) will appear.

Holding down the left click button you can drag the mouse (left, right and up and down) allowing you to navigate around the property space in 360º.

How do I make an enquiry for a property I am interested in?

Go to the property you are interested in and click enquire now then simply fill in your contact details in the online form provided.

Tick the property that you would like to find out more information about.

Click SUBMIT, and your email will be sent to the appropriate Colliers International expert who will be in touch with you shortly.

How do I contact a Colliers International agent?

You can either call the agent listed on the property or submit an enquiry. Please hover over the picture of the building you are interested in and the agent’s phone number will appear. If you are on your phone, simply click on the number to connect the call.